The Water Symposium

An Inspiring Exploration of Water Issues and Solutions

Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface. With the pressing issues of climate change, heating of the oceans, over-consumption and pollution, our most precious resource is in danger. The time has come for us to step up, individually and collectively, to make some healing changes. The Water Symposium is the educational piece of Water Sines and provides a constructive way to understand and contribute to this effort. Speakers will come together at St. Mark’s Cathedral to share their innovative ideas and projects in support of clean water. In addition, there will be music, storytelling, the sharing of collective wisdom and best practices, and dialogue as a community. Join us to learn what is happening and how you can help.

November 16, 2013 10am-5pm Saint Mark’s Cathedral 1245 Tenth Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102

To help cover expenses we are requesting a $10-$40 donation (No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds).

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This year the Water Symposium will feature speakers and environmental awareness organizations from throughout the Northwest including the following:

Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan A. Schwartz is the Senior Samueli Fellow for Brain, Mind and Healing of the Samueli Institute, and a Research Associate of the Cognitive Sciences Laboratory of the Laboratories for Fundamental Research. For 40 years he has been studying the nature of consciousness, particularly that aspect independent of space and time. Schwartz is part of the small group that founded modern Remote Viewing research, and is the principal researcher studying the use of Remote Viewing in archaeology. Other areas of experimental study include research into creativity, meditation, and Therapeutic Intent/Healing.

“Water is destiny” – Most of our body is made of water. Most of the surface of the earth is covered with water. War after war has been fought over water; the first treaty in human history was a water rights treaty. One of the principal effects of climate change is how it is going to affect water. From micro to macro effects, water determines fate, and this presentation addresses every level of this issue. In this session we will cover the melting of polar and glacial ice, the rise of sea levels, the growing scarcity of water, the pollution of water, its use in fracking, the migrations water will produce, and the effects of Fukushima radiation carried by seawater on Western America, particularly Washington state.

Linda Storm

Linda Storm“The Story of the Elwha River Restoration: From Mountains to Salish Sea” – Linda has worked and lived in the Pacific Northwest as an Aquatic Ecologist with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency since the early 1990’s. She holds masters degrees from the University of Washington’s College of Ocean and Fisheries Sciences and the Department of Anthropology. Her love for our planet, its wetlands, waters and watersheds and for Native American cultural history and ecology brought her to pursue a PhD in Ethnoecology – the study of indigenous people’s ecological knowledge and connection to place. Linda will share her experiences working on the Elwha River Restoration project to reconnect a 45-mile free flowing river from Olympic mountain headwaters to it’s mouth in the Salish Sea.

Richard Russell

Richard Russell – “Mostly Water” – Richard Russel is a musician, writer and strategic consultant, as well as a Trustee of the Russell Family Foundation, based in Gig Harbor, which has focused resources and programs on the waters of Puget Sound for more than ten years. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and his son graduated from high school in Seattle, but nowadays he manages a food-producing ranch on the Island of Hawaii with his partner Jileen. As a musician, Richard has produced seven albums of original music that reflect the variety of his influences, ranging from Hawaiian slick key instrumentals to classic jazz.

Paul Che oke ten Wagner

Paul Che oke ten Wagner is an internationally-performing presenter of traditional songs and stories of his Coast Salish tribal ancestors. Che oke ten is a member of the Wsaanich (Saanich) Tribe of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. An award-winning Native American flutist, his songs have come to him with visions of healing and prayer for all relations (tree people, animal people and human people).


Salish Sea Map

The Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary – North America’s First International Bioregional Marine Sanctuary: Four national marine sanctuaries currently protect and restore approximately 50% of California’s coastal waters and wildlife.  Building upon the spirit and successes of these enlightened role models, the Bellingham-based Salish Sea Foundation, Coast Salish First Nation leaders and many other Salish Sea citizens are working together to manifest this emerging deep blue vision and plan to restore marine wildlife populations throughout the Salish Sea to more than 50% of historic levels as soon as possible. Our bioregional Salish Sea includes Puget Sound, the Georgia Strait and Strait of Juan de Fuca.  It is the 2nd largest inland sea in North America and home to a world-class array of iconic wildlife, of which many species are found nowhere else on Earth.


Del Blaney, Coast Salish First Nation leader and cultural anthropologist, is from the Sliammon Nation on the northeastern shores of the Salish Sea in British Columbia. He was raised in Sliammon community. He attained a Master’s Degree in Education from Simon Fraser University in 2005 and worked as a Social Worker for the Squamish Nation for 7 years. It is his vision to work with other First Nations to establish a protected marine sanctuary for the entire Salish Sea.

Del Blaney

Ta’Kaiya Blaney, 12, is from the Sliammon Nation on the coast of the Salish Sea in British Columbia. Her name Ta’Kaiya means Special Water. She is an activist for environmental and indigenous rights as well as an actress, singer and songwriter. She has traveled and spoken internationally at UN conferences, and at environmental events and classrooms across Canada.

Ta'Kaiya Blaney

Douglas Tolchin is founder of the Salish Sea Foundation, publisher of SalishSea.Org and initial trustee of the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary vision-plan.  He is also an FAA-certified Private Pilot, commercial real estate investment manager and former international investment banker specializing in Japan-related Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions and Real Estate. Doug loves Animals.

Douglas Tolchin

For more information please visit The Salish Sea Foundation website and the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary page on Facebook.

Daniel Noonan

Daniel Noonan, Physicians for Social Responsibility – For over 30 years Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility has been working to educate the public on environmental and human health concerns regarding the the state’s nuclear weapons, waste and power. While producing plutonium for the US nuclear arsenal, the Hanford Nuclear Site release contaminates in the Columbia River. The site’s main challenge is preventing 56 million gallons of nuclear waster from reaching the river. Daniel Noonan graduated from the University of Washington’s school of Anthropology and been with WPSR since 2009. He will be giving a talk drawing on art and science to tell the history of Hanford’s relationship with the Columbia and the current threats it faces.

Physicians For Social Responsibility

Sierra Club

The Sierra Club, founded by John Muir in 1892, is one of the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States. Its mission is, “To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth; To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; To educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.”


Spencer O'Neal

Spencer O’Neal

I AM Water, and We Are The Soulution!

As a Northwest Native, Water has saturated my whole life and is one of my most intimate relationships. I am the owner of Pure Life Essentials, Local Abundance CSA, W.O.O.M. Float Tanks and the Founder of ‘I-AM-Water Temple of Pure Life,’ a Non-Profit Ministries. My Purpose is to Awaken Wellsprings of Awareness, Inspiraling revitalized relationships with this Sacred Source of Life and simultaneously achieving a profound Realization of Self.

I am currently immersed in Water Activism as a Student at Evergreen College, Empowering others through education. My Passion is Inspiring Conscious Connections with Reverence and Appreciation for the Priceless Gifts Water Provides us. I Offer Myself as a Vessel for Reflection of our Potential as Beings Of Light, In Service to the Presence of Love and Life.

As a Water Ambassador I Claim Responsibility for the Health and Well-Being of Water everywhere, including All those whose Lives depend on it. Pure Water is Our Birthright and I have Devoted My Life to Creating Solutions to Provide Every Person with this Essential Element.

Together with this new Awareness we Act and Speak as “The Voice of Water.”


“For He Who Believes, out of His Heart will Flow Rivers of Living Water.”
-Holy Bible

Nina von Feldmann

Nina von Feldmann is a community galvanizer, h’artist and spiritual activist. She weaves her passions for dance, nature, beauty, the healing arts, ritual play, and sacred spaces to create transformative experiences, all of which are dedicated to Love, authentic expression, and the awakening of full human potential. Motivated by the Dream of heaven on earth, her creations restore relationship to the self, to others and to this precious planet. She is the founder of DreamDance Global and Walk In Beauty Natural Skincare.


Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey

Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey, Water Symposium conveners and emcees Joel and Michelle Levey are internationally recognized speakers, authors, educators, and consultants. As founders of, their pioneering work in mind fitness, change resilience, collective intelligence and innovation have inspired leaders in hundreds of organizations around the globe including: Google, NASA, NOAA, Forest Ethics, EarthSave, Microsoft, Boeing, Group Health, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, Intel, SportsMind, SRI International, and NIH. They are faculty at University of Minnesota Medical School’s Center for Spirituality and Health and Bastyr University Center for Spirituality, Science, and Medicine. They serve as advisors for the Art Monastery Project, Cascadian Center, and Compassionate Action Network International, and have taught at Esalen, IONS, CoSM, Burning Man, Omega, and Beloved. The Leveys’ published works include: Living in Balance; Wisdom at Work; and Luminous Mind: Meditation and Mind Fitness.

Water Symposium Schedule

9:30 – Doors open
10:00 – Welcome and The Flow of the Day – Joel and Michelle Levey
10:10 – Paul Che oke ten Wagner – Invocation, Music, and Stories of the Salish Sea (Coast Salish Wsaanich (Saanich) Tribe)
10:25 – Nina von Feldmann – Setting Intention
10:30 – Richard Russell – “Mostly Water” (Russell Family Foundation)
11:00 – Daniel Noonan – “Hanford’s Relationship with the Columbia River: Art, Science and Reality” (Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility)
12:15 – Lunch Break
1:00 – Paul Che oke ten Wagner, Richard Russell, Talia Marcus – Music and Stories of the Salish Sea
1:30 – Stephan A. Schwartz – “Water is Destiny” (The Schwartz Report and The Samueli Institute)
2:30 – Q&A, Community Dialogue and Reflection Circle
3:00 – Linda Storm – “The Elwha River Restoration: From Mountains to Salish Sea” (Environmental Protection Agency)
3:30 – Douglas Tolchin – “The Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary: An Emerging Vision”
4:00 – Ta’Kaiya and Del Blaney – Songs and Stories (Coast Salish Musical Activist, First Nation leader and cultural anthropologist)
4:15 – Harvesting Learnings and Community Wisdom
4:45 – Action Steps
5:00 – Water Symposium Concludes

Please check back as the date approaches for updates to the schedule.

Water is Love